If you own a small-to-medium-sized business and you're looking for someone to create or improve your online presence, you've come to the right place. We've been working with businesses for over 24 years to help them advertise to the world what they do and to sell their products and services.

And if you own a web design business or are thinking of setting one up you might be interested in taking over a number of our clients as we are attempting to downsize in order to be able to concentrate on other things. The clients we need a home for are small businesses working in a wide variety of fields and in most cases there is bags of potential for further chargeable work.

If you might be interested in taking over an established group of clients and their websites, go to below and give us a call or drop us a line so we can tell you more. But UK enquiries only, please.

Our Services

Website Design

Designing and building websites is central to our business, and these activities are in turn key to the success of your internet presence. Your shop-window must be eye-catching, easy to navigate - mobile friendly if you wish - and we apply all these factors to the design of your site which is built specifically for you as we don't use templates

  Domain Names

The choice of address for your website if at all possible should reflect your business name or type. If people are looking for your particular business, they may guess the site address, and you need to give them the maximum help with this. Of course, many names have long gone but we can help you find the most appropriate domain name that is still available

  Website Hosting

Once your site is built it needs to be published to a secure server to allow it to be accessed by the world at large. We have used one of the UK's leading host agencies for many years, a company which offers hosting on secure servers at very competitive rates and with first-class 24/7 technical support, should the need for it ever arise

Examples Of Our Work

Since we started we have built websites for small and medium business clients operating in almost every conceivable sector a few of our more recent builds are shown below. To see the full website simply click on the image.

A datacentre company

  An amateur cricket charity

  A private art gallery

A massage and bodywork clinic

  A vehicle valeting company

  Baby music and massage classes

A personal fitness trainer

  An osteopathy clinic

  A herb-based market garden

A french farmhouse to let

  A furniture restoration business

  A model railway backscene supplier

Contact Us

If you need an eyecatching, easy-to-navigate, affordable website or just a chat about the best way forward for your internet presence, please contact us on:

services@blackbook.co.uk          or          +44 (0) 118 959 9844.

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